Transport and Access

Vehicle access is proposed via a simple priority junction off Hailey Road. This will be located and designed to ensure that it does not prevent or prejudice the future roundabout provision for the Northern Distributor Road as part of the wider SDA.

It is also proposed to relocate the existing 30mph speed limit and traffic calming feature on the B4022 Hailey Road further to the north to better integrate the site with the existing built-up area.

The traffic impact of the development has been robustly assessed as part of a detailed Transport Assessment that is required (and scrutinised in detail) by Oxfordshire County Council. The work considers the capacity, safety and air quality on the Bridge Street corridor. Any  short-term impacts will need to satisfy the ‘severe impact’ test in advance of the planned strategic infrastructure coming forward, which the development will make significant financial contributions towards, helping to ensure its delivery and so providing long-term benefits in the local area.

The development will provide car and cycle parking in accordance with Oxfordshire County Council’s latest standards and will comprise a mixture of driveway, garage, and unallocated parking. This will minimise on-street parking within the site and ensure that there will be no overspill onto local streets. There will be one space for the one and two-bedroom apartments; two spaces for two, three and four-bedroom houses and 22 visitor spaces provided across the site. These figures include garages.

Each house will be provided with electric vehicle charging points. There will also be appropriate communal provision for the proposed apartments.

The development will also implement a Travel Plan for the site which will identify opportunities for the effective promotion and delivery of sustainable transport initiatives e.g. walking, cycling, public transport, in order to reduce the demand for travel by less sustainable means.

Surface and Foul Water Drainage

A Flood Risk Assessment has been prepared to support the planning application. The site falls within the lowest EA flood risk category (Flood Zone 1). As soakaways are not suitable given the ground conditions, surface water runoff will discharge to the Thames Water foul sewer within Hailey Road. Surface water drainage will be achieved by capturing, attenuating and controlling all storm water runoff via a conventional system of downpipes, road gullies, tanks, a pond and flow control devices. The attenuation pond to the south of the site will be dry and only wet during large storms. The native planting and species-rich grasslands in this area will result in ecological and biodiversity benefits.

All foul water will also discharge to the Thames Water sewer within Hailey Road.

The site slopes down from the north-west to the south-east. This coupled with the impermeable ground conditions means that the primary school land sometimes experiences surface flooding from the storm water that runs off the higher land. The new development will ultimately change the drainage of the site and will likely greatly reduce the historic flooding experienced on the school land.