Q & A

1. Why is this development being proposed now?

The wider Strategic Development Area (SDA) allocation seeks to deliver approximately 1,400 new homes and associated infrastructure. Given the size and scale of this, and in accordance with the Local Plan it will be delivered in phases. By progressing this part of it earlier we will help to ensure that affordable housing is delivered as soon as possible.

2. What type of homes will be provided? 

There will be a wide mix of homes provided, including one and two-bedroom apartments, and two, three and four-bedroom houses. 

3. How much affordable housing will there be, and of what type? 

There will be 49 affordable homes, 46% of the total, including one and two-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom houses. The tenure will be Affordable Rent.

4. Who will manage the affordable housing? 

The long-term management of the development will be undertaken by A2Dominion. 

5. Is there a need for houses in this area? 

Yes. The Council has a requirement to provide new housing and this forms part of their North Witney Strategic Development Area (SDA) housing allocation to deliver these new homes. 

6. What will be the style of design of the houses? 

The houses are designed to reflect the local area in accordance with the Council’s design guide. 

7. What is the maximum storey height of the houses? 

The houses will be two storeys high, and the apartments will be a maximum of three storeys in height. 

8. How will vehicle access be provided? 

Vehicle access is proposed via a simple priority junction off Hailey Road. This will be located and designed to ensure that it retains the majority of the existing hedge, and it will not prevent or prejudice the future roundabout provision for the Northern Distributor Road. 

9. Will the speed limit on Hailey Road be reduced for this development? 

It is proposed to relocate the existing 30mph speed limit and traffic calming feature on the B4022 Hailey Road further to the north to better integrate the site with the existing built-up area. 

10. Does the highways network have sufficient capacity to allow for the additional traffic? 

The traffic impact of the development has been robustly assessed as part of the Environmental Statement and a detailed Transport Assessment based on information provided by Oxfordshire County Council Highway Authority. The development will make significant and proportionate financial contributions towards the West End Link and the Northern Distributor Road, to ensure its delivery and to provide long term benefits in the local area. 

11. Will there be pedestrian or cycle access to the site? 

Yes. There are proposed to be two footpath and cycle path accesses to the site from Hailey Road, at the northern end and southern end of the development.  

12. What will you be doing to mitigate the impact on local infrastructure? 

A2Dominion and Vanderbilt Strategic will contribute towards the delivery of infrastructure within the SDA through a Section 106 Agreement to be agreed with West Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council. Within the SDA a new two-form entry primary school is planned. 

13. Will existing trees and hedgerows be retained? 

Existing trees and hedgerows will be retained and enhanced where possible, including a landscape buffer to the north of the site. Most of the hedgerow along Hailey Road will be retained, except where the access is required. 

Should off-site mitigation be required to ensure biodiversity net-gain, this will be discussed with the Local Planning Authority. 

14. Will there be enough car parking? 

Car parking will be provided in line with the Council’s car parking standards. 

15. Will visitor car parking be provided? 

Yes. Visitor car parking will be provided according to the Council’s requirements. 

16. Are Electric Vehicle charging points going to be provided? 

Yes, each house will be provided with Electric Vehicle charging points and further appropriate communal charging points will be provided for the apartments. 

17. Have you consulted locally? 

We have had detailed discussions with the local authority and other statutory bodies. We are undertaking a new consultation on the Environmental Statement in agreement with the Council and accordance with the relevant regulations.

18. Will the Sustainable Urban Drainage system use drainage ponds, and will they be wet or dry? 

Surface water drainage will be achieved by capturing, attenuating and controlling all storm water runoff via a conventional system of downpipes, road gullies, tanks, a pond and flow control devices. The attenuation pond to the south of the site will be dry and only wet during large storms. 

19. Will there be any public open space? 

Yes, there will be a central area of public open space as well as the children’s play area and open space alongside this. 

20. What age range is the children’s play area aimed at?

The children’s play area is aimed at primary school age children.

21. Will the SDA housing allocation area to the south west of this site still be developed? 

The proposals enable for this allocated area to the south west of the site to developed in the future. 

22. What happens next? 

The revised plans and Environmental Statement will now be considered by West Oxfordshire District Council. It is expected that the application will be determined during the Autumn 2021. Subject to Planning, first site infrastructure would commence in Spring/Summer 2022 with the first homes ready for occupation around Summer 2022.