The site is bounded by mature trees and hedgerows which act as a robust physical and visual screen and limit views into the site from the surrounding landscape.  The proposals include the retention and protection of the important landscape features on and abutting the site, including the boundary hedgerows and trees along the southern, eastern and north-west boundaries. A short section of the frontage hedgerow along Hailey Road will need to be removed to accommodate the proposed access road into the development. New planting will be provided to replace the hedgerow loss at the access, with the new dwellings set back into the site to retain the ‘green frontage’ along Hailey Road.

Our aim is to provide a high-quality landscape setting for the new homes with an area of open space with specimen tree and shrub planting along the estate roads and in the front gardens of the new homes.

There will also be an area of open space with a children’s play area and a landscape buffer in the southern part of the site. We will plant native species and species-rich grasslands in this area which will result in ecological benefits including those associated with the SUDS strategy for the development.

The Landscape Strategy will accord with the guidance contained in West Oxfordshire District Council’s landscape character and Design Guide studies.